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Terms of Service

jClare's Inc. seeks to foster a relationship with each client that will always remain within the bounds of honesty, integrity and within the scope of that which is legally sound. It is our desire to promote love, unity and harmony in all of our interactions. We hope that you will do the same. jClare's promises to treat each client or customer with respect and dignity. We promise to offer products and services of the highest quality and value that we can deliver.

jClare's will unfailingly consider how our actions affect others, and seek to assure that our decisions will result in the best solutions for all involved.

By using this site, and entering into any relationship with jClare’s Inc., you agree that:

  • Your interactions will be governed by honesty and integrity

  • You will support our company's Mission Statement and Vision

  • You will seek to promote positive, harmonious interactions with our company as it pertains to products, services, events or other transactions between you and jClare’s Inc.

  • You will work with us to reach an amicable solution in any disputes or disagreements that may arise between you and our company and/or its representatives.

​For comments, inquiries, complaints or disputes, please contact us using one of the available methods listed below. We will contact you promptly.

jClare's officers will work tirelessly to settle all disputes amicably. If we are unable to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement for any dispute, you will be contacted by our Legal Department, who will reach a resolution.

Thank you for your interest in our company!

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