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Step into the real world of holistic natural health & healing! True healing comes with whole foods, natural herbs, love, truth & faith; and it comes without gimmicks, quick-fixes, bandaids or  crutches.

Holistic Healing Arts is where you'll find authentic, effective, trustworthy guidance to optimal holistic natural health & wellness.  You are in the right place to begin your journey back to health.


So, follow us as we guide you through the easy glides without a hitch or through the tangled vines of a difficult jungle, safely to your destination - holistic natural health - just the way it should be!

Lean how to heal from any ailment - the right way; the complete way! 

Holistic Healing Arts presents

180 Days to a Holistic Natural You!

Is Holistic Natural Right for You?

Have you always been aware of your connection with nature? Do you find yourself craving fruits and vegetables when everyone else is having pizza and burgers? Does it just seem 'wrong' to take pills but you don't know why? Are you fascinated by the way your body responds to various stimuli? Do you have an inkling that doctors and hospitals do not offer true healing  options?

If one or more of these sounds familiar, it could mean that you're ready to transition to a holistic natural lifestyle!

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Find out if Holistic Natural Living is for YOU!

Either you're a true holistic natural health person or you're not - you can't fake it! Generally, people who believe that "natural remedies don't work" are still relying on the un-natural remedies and treatments that they've always done.

If you are seeking a quick-fix, a magic remedy or a miracle pill,  holistic natural health and healing is not for you. But, if you're the least bit curious about how nature heals without adverse results, holistic natural health is ready and waiting to be discovered by you!

Something to Think About ...

Consider these amazing facts:

You were wonderfully designed with the innate ability to heal from every illness or disease condition

In the life of Jesus the Christ, miraculous healings always required unwavering faith

Even with the right "ingredients" for health & wellness, you still need the right "recipe"!

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Find out how close you are to living a Natural Holistic Healthy Lifestyle!

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About Us

Discover Holistic Health!

Since 2005, jClare's has been assisting clients in their quest for wellness.  We empower you with the tools necessary for successfully implementing the natural health guidelines, which are vital in attaining a high quality life, naturally! 

With over 40 years of study & practical experience, our Holistic  Naturopathic Consultant seeks to impart this wisdom and knowledge to those who desire optimal health.  jClare's Inc. is dedicated to  presenting Holistic Natural Health as a safe & viable option for everyone! 

"Your truest purpose is in evidence, your truest healing achieved, when you are holistically engaged - mind, body & spirit".
Janyce Cash, Practical Nurse, Naturopathic Coach & Consultant

"As a retired physician, I can honestly say that, unless you are in a serious accident, your best chance of living to a ripe old age is to avoid doctors and hospitals and learn nutrition, herbal medicine and other forms of natural medicine unless you are fortunate enough to have a naturopathic physician available.  Almost all drugs are toxic and are designed only to treat symptoms and not to cure".

Alan Greenberg, M.D.

Tennessee Naturopathic Doctors Association

jClare's Inc specializes in - 


... when you give equal attention to all aspects of the whole, for the good of all, THAT is 'Holistic'.  Your mind, body & spirit make up one, holistic, self. Therefore, each of us is a holistic being.

Holistic healing always considers how any action affects every aspect. It never brings harm to one in an effort to heal another, but brings strength, health & life to all.

Holistic Natural Health - the true choice for optimal health & healing!


jClare's seeks to impart the wisdom of holistic, naturopathic healing modalities for optimal health & wellness!


We envision a world where holistic natural health services are viewed as viable health & wellness options for everyone.

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